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Terms of use

We kindly advice you to read carefully the following terms of use of our company STEFOS & Co.

The use and purchase of products from this site means that you understand and accept the terms of use that our company has set.

Rules may change without a previous information.

The new rules will be edited in our site and will be considered as boundary conditions for any transaction after the publication.

The following terms are independent, that means that the invalidation of a certain doesn't mean invalidation of the rest.

Orders of any product is valid only if the person that orders is adult, over 18 years old. Complete and send the order form means you're adult and you have the above right to proceed to the purchase.

The STEFOS & Co., has the right to invalid or to deny the shipment of an order, but committee to refund the amount that have been payed.

The company denies, in the permissible measured based on the applicable low, all liability relating to guarantees explicit and tacit concerning the accuracy of informations contained in any part of the site.

The company has no responsibility for any damage or loss that have been caused to any third people from the use of informations that contains this site.

In any case the STEFOS & Co, has the right to change or correct any errors or misunderstanding of the subject matter of this site, to update or complete the containing.

Responsibility limitation

The STEFOS & Co, has no responsibility of any damage financial or any other that can be caused from the use of the selling products.

The STEFOS & Co, don't guaranty for the security of this site, as it concerns virus that can cause damage.

The STEFOS & Co, don't guaranty for any data loss that can be caused by browsing the site or from the weakness of the user to do a proper use of this site.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The legal validation and application of these terms derives from the Greek Law and for any misunderstanding between the two parts (Stefos & Co, and customer), can lead to legal actions by the Court of Athens.


STEFOS & Co., is an electronic shop of display products of the company "CHRISTOS STEFOS & Co, Wholesale and Retail of Jewels, Gems, Watches", through internet.

The company is based in 40 Pericleous & Thisseos 2 street, Athens, Greece (TIN No 093725142, Tax office: 4th Athens).

Any use and transaction from this site requires the consent of the user as it concerns the following terms.

Product information

STEFOS & Co, apply at the site and in any field that concern the products all the necessary information about the essential characteristics of the distributed products, their price, transportation cost, VAT cost,and the way of payment.

The products are represented in description, dimensions, available colors, material of manufacture, time of delivery and lots of photos.

You may see, also, pictures of relative products of the same category that you may be interested in.

You should notice that STEFOS & Co, keeps the right to change unilaterally, or to renew the terms and the conditions of trade on condition that the amended terms will have been previously posted on the website of the company.

Any other modification won't affect the orders that have been made before the announcement of the new terms.

Payment policy

All the prices that are presented in this site are in Euro and contain VAT of 23%.

In case that you;re a merchant and you've logged in with your data, prices are presented without the taxes (VAT), that will be added at the end of your order.

Delivery and packaging cost is not included. Cost will be determined during the procedure of the order and will be added at the final cost before the customer acceptance.

Product availability

Every product that is pictured considered as available, unless the opposite is mentioned.

Delivery time is also mentioned.

In case that there will be purchases at the same time from other customers or due to technical problem, and any product that present as not available, then the company keeps the right to offer at the customer another equal product, pointing out any difference with the original product that have been chosen. In that case, the user reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty.

In case that he will not withdraw but will deliver the product, he reserves the right to return it, but in its original situation and package within 14 days together with the issued documents, without the return expanses.

In case of proven error during the order, that our company deliver a false item than the ordered one, or wrong quantity, or during the delivery there is a totally damaged item or part of it, or the item is defected, the user should either not deliver the item or ask for its replacement by another same item or similar to that until the amount of consideration paid, or to demand for the refund.

In case that the delivered item will be proved defected, this must be returned within 14 days from the purchase date together with the issued documents, receipt or invoice.

Purchase process

Every user browse the site in order to search for products and their characteristics, of his interest. He proceeds in registration of the respective fields, in order to choose items and quantity.

In any transaction, the user can obtain one or more items. For the finalizing of the order, in any case, the user must confirm that he already read and agree with the terms.

The order is considered confirmed and final in case the user receive a confirmation message.

The company has no responsibility for any false mail, if this is due to an incorrect data registration. In this case the order considered final and the user should pay for it if the company prove that sh already send the message to the mentioned mail address.

Cancelation of the order

Cancelation of the order may be any time the user wishes until the recording data on the corresponding page payment at ALPHA BANK

If the process is complete and the user wishes the cancelation then contact with the company is necessary.

Depending on the stage that the process is, the user will be informed for the cancelation process and any expanses.(e.g. delivery expanses).

Please note that in case of cancelation and depending on the stage of the order, it may be possible to be expanses even if there would not considered expanses due to the amount of the order.

For payment with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Maestro, American express, Diners) our company is cooperate with the Alpha Bank under communication protocol and identification mechanism that the security of each transaction.

Payment methods

By charging credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Maestro, American express, Diners), on-line purchase process.

STEFOS & Co, cooperates with Alpha Bank,, that uses an international standard for consumer protection, Payment Card Industry (PCI). Data Security Standard.

During the charging process of credit, debit and prepaid cards on-line, you leave the and switch to a safe internet site of the Alpha Bank,, where you enter your credit card data.

The bank guarantee your credit card, debit and prepaid card (Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode). To complete the payment process, you reenter automatically in our site


Data transaction through Alpha e-commerce of the Alpha Bank is been secured by the advanced Communication Protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and high encryption 128bit.

These systems are considered inviolable for applications on line.

ATTENTION! In any case our company not note the data of your credit card, debit and prepaid card.

Please inform us correctly for the full name at your house or company, in order to secure the safe delivery of the products.


STEFOS & Co, has the right to annul or change the characteristics of the products and their prices without any warning. The valued price is during the order process and not the delivery moment.

VAT is included on prices.

We do any effort to secure the accurate description and depiction of products in our site as to the appearance, the texture, the color of the material but not as to the quality of the screen image of your computer.

Delivery of the purchase products

Delivery of the products will be done with the expanses of the user, depending the way he chose, unless if terms of the certain transaction are different.

If the order is over a certain amount, the company may apply the products without delivery expanses.

In case that the delivery time is over 30 days, except in cases of force majeure, our company will communicate with the user in advance, his acceptance is required.

Products will delivered at the address indicated by the customer.

In case of a new address or mistake by the user as it concerns the given address or communication data, he, the user, will be charged with any added delivery expanses.


This website is the official online store display and sales of the The whole content of websites including the pictures, graphics, photos, texts, services and products are the property of the STEFOS & cO., and protected by the provisions of GREEK and European law and international conventions.

Any copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transport, downloading, processing, resale, creation of production or misleading the public about the real provider of the content of the individual websites. Any reproduction, republication, downloading, announcement, dissemination, transmission or any other use of the Content in any manner or means, for commercial purposes or other purposes is permitted only with prior written permission of the rightful owners of those copyrights.

Names, pictures, logos and distinctive features representing the company and its e-shop or/and third parties contracted and their products or services It is proprietary trademarks of the company and third parties and protected by Greek, European and international trademark laws, and industrial and intellectual property.

In any case their appearance and display at the site of STEFOS & Co, they should in no way be construed as a transfer or license or right to use.


The company is committed it will not make any use without the prior approval of the user.

The company don't, in any way, disclose, publish, sell or exchange personal data and any information only by exception and when required by public authority, court etc.

Subject always the statutory procedure.

Any information that are related with personal data transactions are secure and undisclosed.

Any information that are related with personal data transactions and provided by each user is used only to ensure direct and effective communication with the company.

To properly execute the orders (payment and delivery) and verify the identity of users making transactions.

The collected informations have to measure the number of visitors of the e-shop, to determine the demands of the customers for more products and to facilitate the trade with the company.

In order to execute the orders through credit card, a collection of the user's personal data is required.

Any documents may be requested to certify and declare the identity of the client remains strictly secrecy, and forwarded VERIFICATION only from the Alpha Bank.

The presentation of personal data by the user consent means that these data may be used by the company STEFOS and Alpha Bank, for the reasons mentioned above.

In all other cases the personal data is not transmitted or communicated without the prior consent of the users and provides the conditions ensuring that personal data do not exist any unlawful processing.

At any time the user keeps the right to information or to objection in any further processing of the data in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.


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